Free Taster sessions at Portishead Primary School

Why Rhubarb?

Rhubarb is a HIGH QUALITY speech and drama school where everyone’s VOICES matter, and all creative ideas are NURTURED valued and HEARD. Rhubarb is different because it offers something for EVERYONE no matter how confident they are at the start.

Rhubarb provides youngsters with the opportunity to develop life skills in: clear speech and oral communication, strong social skills, self-confidence and the ability to present themselves and their ideas physically and vocally in public arenas.

All vital TRANSFERABLE abilities to be a well-rounded and successful person.

Through Rhubarb youngsters will be taught imaginative and technical skills to develop a clear and audible speaking voice and the positive body language and facial expression needed to effectively communicate and engage any listener.

All students that I have ever encountered seek the same thing in life to “make their voice heard”. Each and every person has a desire to express themselves clearly and has a unique voice to discover and enjoy. Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled as a Speech and Drama teacher than to see my students grow as confident, articulate people and observe with pride as they discover and develop their own individual self- expression.

Drama lessons should never be about a star system of self-promotion, but an exercise in imagination and collaborative team work. Drama is not about being better than others… but about having fun and making progress as you try each week to be better than yourself.

There is nothing more important in life than self-belief, and the confident expression of one’s individual VOICE. Rhubarb is a fantastic way to foster the development of oral language, whilst celebrating individual differences in a dynamic, friendly environment where the joy and magic of live performance happens for every single pupil not just the “stars”, every single week.


The most inspiring teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning
from. I went onto study Drama at university and now work as a TV Agent
- my life was shaped in the GCSE drama room!
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As a 20 year old, 3rd year Musical Theatre student in London, everything I've learnt stems from Laura’s lessons, and I always compare how I am taught to the way Laura taught me. She supported my passion to pursue my career aspirations, and now I couldn't thank her more.
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